Choices – Facilitators Manual Description

“This resource is ideal for the guidance counsellor, pastoral care teacher, or any professional involved in teaching young people about personal (and interpersonal) wellbeing. This book is flexible but at all times focuses on the choices that teenagers can make in a variety of typical scenarios.”
– Brian Lennon, William Glasser International.

Choices Facilitators Cover
Choices is a new mental health resource, designed to guide young people through difficult situations they may face. Through a number of typical scenario’s the young person is asked to reflect on the possible choices they could make, both positive and negative, in each of 15 different situations.

This facilitators guide, will direct anyone working with young people through the activities contained in the accompanying student workbook. This comprehensive guide will allow anyone working with young people to guide them through the choices they can make and the effects these choices can have on their mental well-being.

At the end of each scenario the young person will not only become aware of how the choices they make can affect them, but also gives a clear picture of the consequences of each choice as well as how these choices can make them feel.

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