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Contemporary, Absorbing, Insightful, Reflective, Dramatic, Humorous…..especially suited for young adults and grown-ups anywhere.
The Parenting Magazine, S.I New York

Essential reading for all educators, policy-makers, teachers, school-goers, parents, young adults and especially useful for victims of long term bullying……offers a tremendous sense of healing from page 1 to the final page and shows remarkable sensivitity to young people’s struggles….the first book that portrays how social communication when used in the right way can be thoroughly healing and hugely positive.
Pat Courtney : National Anti-Bullying Co-ordinator for the Department of Education, Ireland book frontcover

Diarmuid Hudner’s inspiring new novel is the story of three young people who are the victims of bullying and how they came together to change their lives. Emmet from Ireland, a self confessed master-nerd isolated by his own idiosyncrasies, finds a friend in alcohol until it too becomes a friend no longer. Ralph from the US, born grossly overweight suffers from a crushing lack of self-esteem and sees the only release from his torment is to attempt suicide. Ming from China, who looks different to other girls, uses this the only way she can, becoming a bully herself until she resorts to self-harming to punish herself for her wrongdoings. This is not just a story about bullying; it is the story of everyone’s quest to be happy and the realisation that you and only you are in control of your own happiness. It weaves the emotions and feelings of insecurity that all of us experience with the freedom that can be achieved from making the decision to take control of one’s own life. Though quite a harrowing tale, this is a story of immense hope, dexterous wit and passionate perseverance with acorns of wisdom that will linger in your mind long after you thought you had gathered them all.

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