Im Happy Now.Com – Personal Development Handbook

Personal Development Handbook

This handbook concentrates solely on the positive mental wellbeing of the student and the overall development of them as an individual. By using the characters in the novel Im Happy Now.Com, it acts as a reflection of the problems and fears they themselves face as young adults. It follows a practical step by step process from Chapters 1 to 18, beginning with the knowledge that they are not alone in the way they think or feel, building self-awareness and awareness of others, conditioning a positive mental attitude, tools to deal with problems and how to react to them in a positive way, setting goals and taking action to fulfil their dreams, building self-esteem and inner confidence to face their fears and overcome them, how to make positive life and career choices and ultimately to choose happiness as a way of life. By continual positive reinforcement and reflection of how they are progressing, this Personal Development Handbook asks questions of the student in a manner that will get them thinking about their lives, their interactions with others, how their words and actions have an impact on others and the world at large, how they can all be positive role models, learning the tools to overcome their fears and achieve their goals and how essentially they are in control of every aspect of their lives through their attitude towards what life throws at them. It is the first book that uses characters in a fiction novel to address the social issues of our time in a manner that will have a practical positive impact on developing confident socially progressive adults of the future.

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