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Educators Guide

The Educators Guide (Foreword by Dr Patricia Mannix McNamara, Senior Lecturer & Course Director, Education Dept, University of Limerick, Ireland) is an essential aid for Educators to maximise the key messages in the novel Im Happy Now.Com in order to be used in a practical way by students in their lives. Used in conjunction with the novel, with a chapter by chapter Synopsis, Group Discussion questions and Personal Development Section as well as motivational Thoughts for The Week and Weekly Assignments, it acts an as a extremely useful tool to open discussion around the highly sensitive issues of bullying, suicide, self-harming and addiction. More importantly, it primarily focuses, in a step by step process, on the emotions behind these issues, promoting self-awareness and awareness of others, building self-esteem and making positive life choices, how to objectively view problems and personal fears and react to them in a positive way, setting goals and taking positive action to achieve them and ultimately to choose happiness as a way of life. With informative guidelines for the Educator on how to get the most out of group discussions, detailed insights into the themes explored in each chapter, the use of Role- Play to act out scenarios that are actually happening and following through on practical assignments, it is an invaluable tool for Educators to guide students about how to positively condition themselves to handle life’s problems in order to lead fulfilling and socially conscious lives.

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