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Small Acts of persistence

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Alan White We are well into a new school year and normally for me this represents a time of new hope, fresh ideas and renewed energy and enthusiasm. It can also be a very difficult time however, for many students as well as teachers. For some students it can be a time when anxieties about […]

The Conflict Within

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Alan White We all know what it’s like to experience conflict in our lives. Whether it’s with the important people in our lives or within, unfortunately conflict is an inevitable part of life. However it’s how we handle conflict that can determine the effect that it can have on our well-being. If we don’t learn […]

The language of Well-Being

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Alan White I have always been fascinated by language. It’s a very powerful thing. Depending on how we choose to use language, it can insult, hurt, criticise, and devastate someone. Or if used in a compassionate way, it can create meaningful relationships, positive interaction and even change someone’s life. Most of the time we never […]

A Criticism of Criticism

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Alan White Life gives us many reasons to be critical. We regularly criticise others quite easily if we perceive that they are not conforming to our expectations. We seem to be always ready to criticise. There is a good reason why criticism come so naturally to us. When we criticise someone or something outside of […]

The Mindfulness experiment

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Alan White Although I am passionate about well-being and I believe that all young people need to learn key skills to take control and care for their own well-being, I have, in the past, been resistant to mindfulness. Why? Because I am the type of person that finds it difficult to sit still for any […]

Sometimes we just need to stop

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Alan White “Beware the bareness of a busy life – Socrates. Life is becoming more and more hectic for all of us. I’m finding it hard recently to remember when I last had nothing to do. Don’t get me wrong, I believe it is important for our well-being that we have goals and are motivated […]

Listening to understand

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Alan White “Loneliness doesn’t come from having no one around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that are important to you.” – Carl Jung How many times have you had a conversation, and after it finished, you struggled to remember what you spoke about? More importantly, how many times have you struggled […]

Self-Evaluating & Goal setting! Why over committing to our resolutions can be damaging to our well-being!

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Alan White It’s that time of year again when many of us have set out our new year’s resolutions and promise ourselves that this time things will be different. We are declaring aloud for all to hear, the monumental changes we intend to make in our lives. Whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking, learning a […]